Featured Solution: Portable Cancer Treatment Device for Underdeveloped Countries

At Datec, we design, test, and manufacture application-specific, high-performance heating solutions for our clients.

aluminum combined with Datec are heaters

Aluminum is an excellent thermal conductor which, when combined with Datec’s area heaters, allows for exceptional thermal uniformity across the treatment area.

Recently, we developed an aluminum-based heater for a lightweight, battery-powered device used to treat cancer in underdeveloped parts of the world.

The client required a medical device that could be used to thermally destroy cancerous cells. Traditionally, such lesions have been treated through cryotherapy, in which a probe reaches the target cells and the lesion is frozen, thereby killing the tissue.

Cryotherapy technology relies on a constant supply of refrigerant gas, which is expensive and difficult to transport, rendering it unfeasible in many underdeveloped parts of the world where the procedure is needed most.

The result was a portable and lightweight device with a long battery life that could provide this life-saving treatment.

Our ability to print thick film directly onto aluminum was essential for the compact requirements of this device.

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Datec is a custom heating element manufacturer specializing in thick film heating solutions. Our solutions are ideal for industries such as: commercial food service, medical devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances. From prototyping to joint development, learn more about how Datec can work with your team.

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