Datec Heats Up Thick Film in Green Cars

Thick Film Heating for Hybrid and Electric Cars

With the recent ASIP funding news, Datec is preparing to scale up our production process as we enter into the hybrid and electric vehicle component market and expect to ramp up to producing hundreds of thousands of parts per year for various markets by 2021.

What makes our thick film heating technology so unique?

  • heating layers that weigh only milligrams yet produce kilowatts of heat
  • the ability to print heaters on lightweight aluminum that has superior heat transfer properties.

Read more about our highly efficient thick film heating technology here

Datec Coating Corporation is a global leader in high-performing thick film printed-on heater technology as well as other functional coatings.

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Dominic Talalla, P.Eng, MBA

About Dominic Talalla, P.Eng, MBA

Dominic Talalla is the President and CEO of Datec. In this role, Dominic oversees the overall performance and operation of Datec. He is responsible for managing partnership relationships, strategizing and communicating with stakeholders, and leading the Datec team in achieving their objectives. Dominic is a professional engineer and holds a Master of Business Administration. Dominic is also a Managing Partner with Trellis Capital, a venture capital firm based in Toronto. His extensive technology management and investor experience makes him uniquely qualified for his role. In his free time, Dominic is fond of travel and an avid sports team coach.