About Datec

We Are a Canadian Custom Heating Element Manufacturer

Datec is a custom heating element manufacturer, specializing in our patented thick film heating solutions.

Our team of dedicated research scientists and engineers has led the industry for over 20 years creating heating solutions for industries that include: commercial food service, medical and precision devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances.”

Open Innovation

Open innovation with Datec is simple – we connect with organizations looking for technology solutions to improve new and existing products or services.

Problem Solving

At Datec we leverage our background intellectual property (IP), can develop new IP and integrate our heating or coating solutions to produce superior performing products. Datec provides the know-how, creativity and patience to help bring new products to market.

Meet the Team

Our Application Engineers Create Innovative Thick Film Heating Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications.

Talk to Our Engineering Team to Discuss Your Product Requirements.

Datec Coating Corporation