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Thick Film Heating for Food Holding Equipment

Cost-Effective, Reliable, Uniform Heating with Datec Thick Film

Datec thick film heating elements are versatile and broadly compatible with most substrates. Our low processing temperature (under 400°C) allows our heating circuits to be deposited on materials like aluminum and other aluminum alloys with low melting temperatures.

Our patented thick film technology enables our engineers to create long-term high-performance, cost-effective heating solutions for a wide range of applications.

Make it precise, responsive, and reliable with thick film.

Not familiar with thick film? Here’s what you’re missing out on:

Cost-Effective, Drop-In Replacement Heating Component

Get an affordable heating solution without compromising on the fast, reliable, and uniform heating you need.

Reliable and Consistent Performance

With a proven 99.99% uptime over 48 million hours, Datec thick film heats consistently and evenly on mica, providing dependable heating for the long-term.

Easily Assembly

Save time, effort, and money with our easily assembled solutions.

Even & Uniform Heating without Hotspots

Datec thick film heats consistently and evenly on aluminum, mica, glass, and steel.

Dependable heating with no hot or cold spots.

Save on Energy Costs with Low Thermal Mass

Thick film heating elements have low thermal mass and conserve energy without compromising performance.

Lightweight Applications

Compact and portable, thick film technology with available low-voltage options to suit any requirement.

Rapid Heat-Up

Get the fast, precise, and reliable heating you need, when you need it.

Common Applications of Datec Thick Film for the Commercial Food Holding Industry

Food Holding Cabinets

Warming Drawers

Hot Food Display Case

Pizza/Food Delivery Bags

Warming Tray

Need a Custom Solution? We Can Do That.

The Datec team develops application-specific, high-performance heating solutions using a methodical and collaborative approach. It starts with gaining a full understanding of specifications and requirements.

We work quickly and thoroughly to provide assessments, project plans and product samples that allow you to seamlessly integrate our solutions into your products.

Product testing, qualification, and manufacturing are done in our state-of-the-art in-house lab facilities.

Case Study – Leading North American Retailer

A North American retailer needed Datec’s leading-edge technology to meet performance and reliability requirements.

The Project

The client required a hot food display case that could keep food at the required safe holding temperature.

At the time, the client was using standard industry technology, but it was unreliable and inconsistent, resulting in hot and cold spots and compromised food.

As the years went on, the unit deteriorated from repeated use, and the temperature readings were no longer accurate.

The client needed a heating solution that was reliable, consistent, uniform, and could stand the test of time.

The Solution

Using our expertise in design, materials and printing, Datec created uniform heating components that would heat-up quickly and maintain its set temperature for as long as required.

The heating element created is proven 99.997% reliable over 2 million operating days.

Advantages of Working with Datec

Engineering and Application Expertise

Customized Heating Solutions to Maximize Your Product Performance

All Products Manufactured in North America

Responsive, Agile Supply Partner

Our application engineers create innovative heating solutions for a wide range of applications for the food holding industry.

Talk to Our Engineering Team to Discuss Your Product Requirements.