Hightemp-TF Thick Film Stainless Steel-Based Heater

Stainless steel thick film heaterDatec designs and manufactures stainless steel thick film heaters (HighTemp-TF) by printing heating elements directly onto a stainless steel substrate. Stainless Steel thick film heaters are compact, lightweight and generate heat quickly and efficiently.

Stainless steel thick film heaters are suitable for a variety of applications such as steam generation, grills & griddles, packaging lines, 3D printing and many others.

Datec’s HighTemp-TF technology is comprised of a dielectric, resistor, conductor and a finish coat layer printed on a stainless steel substrate using screen-printing technology and cured at high temperatures. The resulting heater is a fast, reliable, and high-performing solution. HighTemp-TF heater is ideal for applications that need high performance, reliability and energy efficiency.

Stainless steel heaters are capable for applications that need high temperatures of up to 840 °F (450 °C). The heaters can be applied to complex shapes to generate targeted heat. The heat flux (watt density) can be as high as 200 W/in² (31 W/cm²). Datec’s engineers develop custom heater designs to meet the customer requirements. Contact Us to learn more

With Datec’s heating elements printed directly onto aluminum, the thin and low-profile IntegrAL provides:

    Proven reliability with a long life
    Low thermal mass and high power density result in fast temperature ramp up and cool down
    With unique custom designs, the temperature can be generated in targeted zones
    Precise temperature control is possible using integrated sensors
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