Case Study – Leading North American Retailer

A North American retailer needed Datec’s leading-edge technology to meet performance and reliability requirements.

The Project

The client required a hot food display case that could keep food at the required safe holding temperature.

At the time, the client was using standard industry technology, but it was unreliable and inconsistent, resulting in hot and cold spots and compromised food.

As the years went on, the unit deteriorated from repeated use, and the temperature readings were no longer accurate.

The client needed a heating solution that was reliable, consistent, uniform, and could stand the test of time.

The Solution

Using our expertise in design, materials and printing, Datec created uniform heating components that would heat-up quickly and maintain its set temperature for as long as required.

The heating element created is proven 99.9% reliable over 2 million operating days.

Datec Coating Corporation