Custom Thick Film Heating Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Our IntegrAL® Technology is Driving Innovation for EVs

For engineers and design teams, thick film heating technology brings a wide range of advantages to the fast-changing EV industry. By partnering with our agile team at Datec, forward-thinking suppliers and manufacturers can expedite the prototyping and production processes with rapid scalability.
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Outperforming Traditional EV Heating Solutions

As electric vehicles gain market share from their internal combustion counterparts, innovation for EV heat exchanging, battery heating & cooling, cabin heating, and beyond is on the rise.

Our aluminum-based EV heating system IntegrAL® prints directly onto aluminum substrates. This technology supports the full spectrum of EV heating applications, achieving fast and precise heating with a compact profile. The space efficiency of our EV thick film heaters provides higher performance with an ultra-lightweight composition.

Trusted for Over 20 Years of Engineering Excellence

With over two decades of industry-leading R&D, the Datec team brings a wealth of hands-on expertise to EV suppliers and OEM partners. Through a collaborative approach, we ensure that our custom thick film heating solutions align seamlessly with each EV product.

Based in North America, we eliminate the risk of overseas shipping delays while supporting every stage of the scaling process from rapid prototyping to large-scale production. All the while, our in-house thermal modelling, simulation, and testing abilities ensure precision without compromise.

With nine heating technology patents and counting, our EV partners gain an immeasurable competitive advantage that only Datec can provide.

Delivering Efficient EV Heating with Unmatched Consistency

Coupled with aluminum components, our Whole Area Resistor ™ enables high power densities, alleviates hot and cold spots, and offers a lower thermal mass than conventional solutions. The elevated efficiency, high-watt density, and overall performance are backed by rigorous testing in over 250,000 thermal cycles within the EV space.

Request Our Thick Film Heating Specifications

We encourage prospective partners to request the product specifications of our thick film heating solutions. We are also available for custom inquiries, questions, and more.

Where Affordability Meets Performance

We understand the importance of cost-efficiency for our partners and deliver savings in three key capacities:


Our streamlined prototyping process cuts down the time and expense associated with R&D


Our in-house production capabilities support the full spectrum of EV heating applications with a lean cost structure


The reliability of our thick film heaters brings savings in the form of long-term dependability

Providing Frictionless Integrations at Scale

Throughout the design and engineering processes, you need more than just another commercial partner.
At Datec, we serve as an extension of your team, aligning our IntegrAl® technology with your unique products. The end result is a space-saving thick film heating solution that forms a strong, direct bond to your substrate while aligning with your unique EV application.

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