Custom Solutions to Meet Your Requirements


Achieve Even Heat with No Hot or Cold Spots

High Temperature Capabilities

Maximum temperature of
482° F (250° C).

Fast Responding

Maximum ramp up rate of
104° F (40° C)/second.

Thin, Low Profile

0.6 to 1.2 mm thick.

Highly Reliable

Lifetime of over 20,000 hours.

mica-TF® is the Ideal Heater for the Food Warming and Holding Industry

Datec’s patented mica-TF® heater offers an ideal replacement for aluminum foil, tubular, silicone rubber, or mica wound wire heaters.

Datec thick film paste is printed directly on the substrate, allowing for even and uniform heat without hot or cold spots. This cost-effective, lightweight solution offers uncompromising, unparalleled performance.

Our mica-TF® solution is popular in:

  • Food Warming and Holding Devices
  • Enclosure Heaters
  • Radiant Comfort Heaters
  • LCD Warmers

Custom Solutions for your Unique Challenges

We developed our mica-TF® product line to fill the need for uniform, high-performing, and customizable heating elements in the food warming and holding industry.

Our entire mica-TF® product line can be customized to meet your specifications, so you’ll get the heat you need when and where you need it.

Talk to our engineering team to learn more about our custom heating solutions.

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Thick Film Mica-Based Heater

Our mica-TF® technology is comprised of resistive and conductive thick film paste that we screen-print directly on mica to create an advanced thermal component. The result is reliable, uniform, and cost-effective heating.

Advantages of Working with Datec

With more than 20 years of design experience, our team develops application-specific, high-performance heating solutions using a methodical and collaborative approach. We work quickly and thoroughly to provide prototypes that allow you to seamlessly integrate our solutions into your products.

Engineering and Application Expertise

Customized Heating Solutions

All Products Manufactured in North America

Responsive, Agile Supply Partner

See How We’ve Helped the Food Holding and Warming Industry with mica-TF®

Substrate Mica

A North American retailer needed Datec’s leading-edge technology to meet performance and reliability requirements.

Using our expertise in design, materials and printing, Datec created uniform heating components that would heat-up quickly and maintain its set temperature for as long as required.

The heating element created is proven 99.9% reliable over 2 million operating days.

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Common Applications of Mica Thick Film Heaters

Hot Food Display Cases

Portable Food Delivery

Hot Food Holding Cabinets

Food Sealing Equipment

Cooking Appliances

Lab Equipment Use

Here Are Some Additional Benefits of mica-TF® Heaters

Save on Energy Costs with Low Thermal Mass

Thick film heating elements have low thermal mass and conserve energy without compromising performance.

Portable Applications

Compact and portable, thick film technology has low-voltage options as low as 3.7 volts.


Datec thick film heats consistently and evenly on mica, providing dependable heating for the long-term.

Easy to Install and replace

mica-TF® heaters can be mechanically mounted with out the use of any adhesives making it easy to install and service.

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