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Industrial Product Design

Our expert team works with you to create a custom application
designed to meet your product's unique heating requirements.
Providing industry-leading support from product inception
to product launch.


Datec Provides Unparalleled Assistance from Product Inception to Product Launch with Our Patented Thick-Film Technology.

Your Partner in Innovative Industrial Product Design.

Heat Up

75 to 300 F in 3 seconds versus traditional technology that takes 1 minute plus.

Uniform Heat

+/-5F (or lower) temperature uniformity versus +/-20F for tubular heaters.

Compact &
Low Profile

As thin as 1/20th of an inch vs foil heaters which are 8/20th of an inch thick.


Big or small, we dedicate the time and expertise to help solve your thermal problems with our custom solutions.

Our “open innovation”, “problem-solving” methodology paired with our patented product portfolio helps us customize solutions so that organizations like yours improve new and existing products or services. Your customization requirement is our priority.

Why Work With Datec’s Thick Film?

Unbeatable Performance

Your one-stop-shop for high-performance thick-film heating solutions. Datec can print its thick-film circuits on a variety of substrates such as aluminium, stainless steel, mica, glass and more.

Superior Product Application

Datec’s superior and patented thick-film directly bonds to the substrate creating reliable, efficient, high performing systems across a variety of industry applications.

Proven In Field Reliability

Datec heaters have been running in the field for tens of thousands of hours with a proven, tested, and excellent reliability record that our clients continue to rely on.

Speak to our engineers about how our broad range of thick-film heaters offer superior thermal management capabilities for your specific industry needs

Custom Heating Solutions Designed for Your Specific Needs

Our innovative design process works with you to bring your product to life.

Step 1

Our team works with you to gain a full understanding of your product’s performance requirements and identify the custom solution that conforms to your needs.

Step 2

We use our thermal expertise to collaborate with your team to develop your custom product solution through the design, simulation and manufacturing of your prototype heating element.

Step 3

We stand behind our product quality. All product prototypes are thoroughly tested to validate performance in our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory research facility to ensure the product meets identified requirements.

Step 4

Our team works diligently to meet or exceed project deadlines. We will  ship your validated prototype in spec and on time in accordance with your and your client’s project timeline.

All this while maintaining a consistent two-way communication channel to help us adapt to your requirements.

Talk to our design and engineering team to help solve your heating challenge!

Datec's Ultimate Heating Technology Guide

Download Our Heating Technology Comparison Guide.

Here is What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say

Malachite Tech provides contract R&D engineering services to the high tech industry. Working with one of the leading metal 3D printing companies as they were bringing their first products to market, we needed to conduct thermal studies of a novel furnace design. Finding and contracting with Datec, we were able to implement new heaters into our existing furnace with exceptional turn-around time. Datec engineers worked with our CAD models to modify the standard Datec designs for use in our furnaces, then fabricated the heaters, and had them in our hands in a matter of weeks. The heaters performed from the first day of install through the extended study period and were instrumental in the refinement of our designs.

Working with Datec and their unique ability to print robust heating circuits and apply proprietary coating technologies provided us with a game-changing solution for two of our clients so far. They are a great, collaborative team to work with

We were able to develop a best in class product leveraging Datec’s mica heater technology.  A truly professional and responsive team. Datec is definitely one of the best companies that I have ever worked with.

Simulation vs Real Product

Our thermal simulation capability provides designers with practical and useful feedback that helps determine the correctness and efficiency of a design before it reaches the manufacturing stage. We work with you to fully customize a thermal solution that will power your industrial design.

Heatup Simulation

Heatup Actual


Working With You to Build The Best Product

A food equipment manufacturer approached Datec to develop heaters for use in a hot food well assembly to reduce energy consumption, cost of installation, and increase safety. The Datec team quickly understood the problem and came up with a solution using our mica-TF heating technology. A thermal simulation study was performed to determine the ideal circuit design and electrical specifications for the heaters to predict the performance accurately before building the prototypes. Upon approval of the design, our team quickly manufactured the prototypes and tested them on the benchtop and inside the final product assembly for performance and reliability. The project was completed well in advance of the customer’s deadline, allowing them to roll out the new product as planned. 

Why Work With Datec’s Thick Film?

Unique Application Capability

Unique ability to print heating elements directly on Aluminum for applications upto 240 deg C. This will help with excellent uniformity and save space.

Superior High Watt Density

Datec’s superior and patented technology offers efficient and quick heat up, space saving design, and precise temperature control.

Low Thermal Mass

Datec designs the heating circuit to be even, therefore reducing thickness and weight of the substrate, and enables faster heat up and cool down.

Area Based Resistor Technology

Designed to prevent localized hot spots and assist the heater circuit to stay cooler which improves the reliability and efficiency.

Speak to our engineers about how our broad range of thick-film heaters offer superior thermal management capabilities for your specific industry needs

Our Thick Film Surpasses Industry Expectations and Application Specifications

Our patented heating circuit technology can be printed directly on substrates such as aluminum, mica, and glass. Our thick film technology leaves no cold or hot spots while maintaining the utmost precision in temperature control.

Maximum Temperature240 °C (UL)
[464 °F]
250 °C (UL) to 300 °C
[482 °F to 572 °F)
250 °C
[482 °F]
Power Watt Density30+W/cm² (liquid cooling)
[190+ W/in²]
10 W/cm² (Forced air)
[63 W/in²]
10 W/cm² (Forced air)
[63 W/in²]
Maximum Size40 cm X 32 cm
102 cm X 75 cm
50 cm X 75 cm
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heating guide

Datec’s Ultimate Heating Comparison Guide

Datec's Ultimate Heating Technology Guide

Download Our Heating Technology Comparison Guide.

Learn More about Datec’s Patented Thick-Film Technology

Check out our video to learn more about how we develop custom thick film heating solutions for our customers. Contact our engineering team to begin your product development journey today.

Datec’s Industry-Specific Thick Film Solutions

At Datec, our expertise cuts across multiple industries. Here are a few examples:

Industrial Design CPL

Medical Device

Datec developed a unique thermocoagulation device that achieved the same result as traditional cryotherapy. However, we made that possible with heat and without heavy gas canisters. This device is portable, lightweight, and has a long battery life.


Desk-Top PCB Manufacturing

This manufacturer needed a fast-acting, compact heating plate with an even thermal profile to enable its circuit board printer to cure and reflow custom printed circuit boards right from an engineer’s desk.


Automotive Heat

Datec is providing this world leader in the supply of automotive components (including thermal management products) with leading-edge technology.

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