Success Stories

The Datec team develops application-specific, high-performance heating solutions using a methodical and collaborative approach. It starts with gaining a full understanding of specifications and requirements.

We work quickly and thoroughly to provide assessments, project plans and product samples that allow you to seamlessly integrate our solutions into your products.

Product testing, qualification, and manufacturing are done in our state-of-the-art in-house lab facilities.

Automotive Heat Exchanger

Datec is providing this world leader in the supply of automotive equipment (including thermal management products), with leading-edge technology. To stay one step ahead of the rapid changes in the automotive design industry, the manufacturer needed to make their heat exchangers dual purpose by integrating heat.

Desk-Top PCB Manufacturing

Datec is thrilled to provide Voltera, a fast-growing technology company, with a fast and even heating solution. This manufacturer needed a fast acting, compact heating plate with an even thermal profile to enable its circuit board printer to cure and reflow custom printed circuit boards right from an engineer’s desk.

Developing a Cancer Treatment Device for Underdeveloped Countries

Datec developed an aluminum-based heater (IntegrAL®-LV) for a low-voltage medical application that is extremely energy efficient, produces even heat, and takes only seconds to reach 120°C. The client required a medical device that could be used to thermally destroy cancerous cells. Traditionally, such lesions have been treated through cryotherapy, in which a probe reaches the target cells and the lesion…

Leading North American Retailer

A North American retailer needed Datec’s leading-edge technology to meet performance and reliability requirements. The client required a hot food display case that could keep food at the required safe holding temperature. At the time, the client was using standard industry technology, but it was unreliable and inconsistent, resulting in hot and cold spots and compromised food.

Our Application Engineers Create Innovative Thick Film Heating Solutions for a Wide Range of Applications.

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