mica-TF® Thick Film Mica-Based Heater

Our unique thick-film heater element is printed directly onto mica resulting in a thin, lightweight, low-profile, precise and uniform heating solution. The mica-TF® heaters can be attached to a surface to act as an efficient conductive heater or mounted as an effective radiant heater.

Mica solutions are featured in food warming & cooking, and holding devices, enclosure heaters, radiant comfort heaters, LCD warmers and specialty industrial applications.

Our mica-TF® technology is comprised of resistive and conductive thick film paste that we screen-print directly on mica to create an advanced thermal component.

The thick film heating element is printed directly onto mica, producing reliable, uniform, cost-effective heating solutions.

With Datec’s heating elements printed directly on to mica, the mica-TF® provides:

    The resistor circuit covers a complete area resulting in even heating.
    With reduced parts count and ease of installation, mica-TF® is a cost-effective heating solution.
    Testing along with thousands of heaters installed proves mica-TF® has excellent thermal performance and reliability.
    The ability to maintain precise and constant temperatures.

Datec Coating Corporation