Heating Elements Printed On Aluminum

Datec is leading the industry with the unique ability to print heating elements directly onto aluminum, offering a seamless fit into a wide-range of product footprints and a thin, low-profile design. Our IntegrAL® heating technology produces fast, precise, uniform, and integrated heat to meet the demand for performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Whether you’re improving an existing product or creating something entirely new, Datec’s thick film technology is the ideal alternative for Kapton® Polyimide, silicone, foil, or traditional thick film heaters.

The Benefits of Printing Thick Film on Aluminum

Rapid Heat-Up & Thermal Cycling

Get the fast, precise, and ultra-efficient heating you need, when you need it.

Very High Watt Density

Our patented sol-gel thick film technology has 2-10x the watt density of other heating elements, like Kapton.

Precise Temperature Control

Thick film heating elements printed on aluminum reach the exact temperature you need quickly and repeatedly

Uniform Heating without Hotspots

Datec thick film heats consistently and evenly on aluminum. It provides dependable heating with no hot or cold spots.

Low Energy Consumption

Thick film heating elements have low thermal mass and conserve energy without compromising performance.

Portable Applications

Compact and portable, thick film technology has low-voltage options as low as 3.7 volts.

Direct Bonding to Surface Saves Space

Our heating elements can be printed directly onto an aluminum substrate, saving space and cost.

Low Processing temperature

With a max processing temperature of 400°C, our heating circuits can be deposited on materials with low melting temperatures, such as aluminum.

Thick Film Aluminum-Based Heater

At Datec, we provide OEMs with the high performance, thick-film heating components they need to manufacture and advance their products.

Low Voltage DC Aluminum-Base Heater

Datec’s new low voltage DC aluminum-base heater, IntegrAL® LV, is a high-performing, thick-film heating element that is ideal for portable or battery-operated devices.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Datec’s Thick Film Technology

Our patented technology can be directly printed on materials like glass, mica, and aluminum. Thick film technology is an ideal alternative for Polyimide, silicone, foil, or traditional thick film heaters.

  • Substrates
  • Size
  • Maximum Temp
  • Max Watt Density
  • Max Voltage
  • Processing Temp
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Al, Mica, SS, Steels, Glass, Ceramics
  • 0.6 to 1.2 mm thick
  • 482° F (250° C). (Max temp ramp-up rate of up to 50°C per second)
  • 30 W/cm²
  • Up to 800 V
  • 400 °C
  • Maximum ramp-up rate of104° F (40° C)/second.
  • Lifetime of over 20,000 hours

Case Studies

medical grade thick film

The client required a medical device that could be used to thermally destroy cancerous cells. Datec developed an aluminum-based heater (IntegrAL® LV) for a low-voltage medical application that is extremely energy efficient, produces even heat, and takes only seconds to reach 120°C.

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Common Applications of Aluminum Thick Film Heaters

Medical Devices

Laboratory Equipment

Testing Equipment


Battery Operated Devices

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

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