Highlights from the 2019 NAFEM Show

large white building hosting the NAFEM 2019 show in Orlando florida

Datec recently attended the NAFEM Food Service and Equipment Supply Show in Orlando, where we had the opportunity to discuss our latest heating innovations for food equipment.

NAFEM is North America’s largest food equipment manufacturer event, and an industry leader in providing comprehensive coverage of the trends, technologies, and issues facing the global foodservice experience. The show focuses on new solutions and innovations for the future.

Here are some event highlights:

• As the market for food delivery continues to grow, delivering food to customers with the same quality they experience at the restaurant will be a game changer for delivery companies. Our thick film technology allows heating elements to be thin and lightweight, which is ideal for food delivery bags and boxes. This flexibility also allows us to further customize the size and shape of our heaters.

attendees walk around the show at NAFEM

• Heat-up speed and energy conservation emerged as a growing priority for manufacturers. With fast heat-up speed and low thermal mass, Datec’s heating solutions offer uniform, reliable heat and save energy costs while doing so.

• Attendees consistently stressed the need for improved performance in their hot food holding equipment. We discussed how Datec’s space-saving thick film pastes can be printed directly onto substrates, allowing for even and uniform heat without hot or cold spots. Consistent, uniform heat can dramatically improve the quality of food.

Thick film technology helps those in the food equipment manufacturing industry stay ahead of their competition, integrate new technology into their products, increase performance, and reduce costs. Based on the trends and concerns discussed during the show, we’re excited by the prospect of Datec thick film being used by more and more leading food equipment companies.

We had a great time at the 2019 NAFEM Show, and look forward to sharing our innovations at the next show!

Datec is a custom heating element manufacturer specializing in thick film heating solutions. Our solutions are ideal for industries such as: commercial food service, medical devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances. From prototyping to joint development, learn more about how Datec can work with your team.

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