Datec coatings have unique and desirable properties including: dielectric, resistive, conductive, thermal barrier, thermal conductive, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, and non-stick properties for high performance applications.

Our team of engineers, PhDs and application specialists has the experience and knowledge to develop coating solutions for all applications. We have collaborated extensively with many Fortune 500 companies in the consumer goods, medical, industrial processing, automotive and aerospace industries.

Coatings Process

With our low firing process, our sol-gel and engineered coatings are compatible with a variety of substrate materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, quartz, ceramics and tempered glass. Our unique application method gives chemically inert, corrosion resistant, UV-stable and heat resistant properties to substrates that can not otherwise be achieved with conventional coatings.

Standard Coatings Offering

Datec produces standard off-the-shelf high performance, high temperature, engineered polymer and ceramic coatings that fit into a variety of applications.