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Welcome to Our New Website!

Hello and welcome! If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll notice that we’ve made a few changes – we hope you like our new look!

As you move through the site, you should get a good idea of what Datec is all about and how our patented pastes enable our engineers to create high-performance, cost-effective heating and coating solutions for a wide range of applications.

We have redesigned our website to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, whether that is information about our patented thick film technology or our custom heating solutions. These elements can be found prominently on our homepage and are easily accessible from anywhere else on the site.

We encourage you to visit our heating solutions and coating solutions pages, which detail how our engineers create innovative solutions for a wide range of industries, including:

Precision/Medical Device
Commercial Food Holding

Our thick film elements can be printed directly onto a wide range of materials, including mica, aluminum, and glass.

You can also learn about our customized heating solutions by reading some of our success stories. Visit our “How We Work” page to learn more about our prototyping or production processes.

Please also visit our blog, which we will update regularly with heating and coating industry news and best practices to keep you in the know. When you’re finished exploring our new site, don’t hesitate to connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn. We’d love to hear your feedback!

We hope you’ll find our new site informative and easy to navigate!

Datec is a custom heating element manufacturer specializing in thick film heating solutions. Our solutions are ideal for industries such as: commercial food service, medical devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances.

Get in touch with our engineering team to discuss your product requirements today!

Dominic Talalla, P.Eng, MBA

About Dominic Talalla, P.Eng, MBA

Dominic Talalla is the President and CEO of Datec. In this role, Dominic oversees the overall performance and operation of Datec. He is responsible for managing partnership relationships, strategizing and communicating with stakeholders, and leading the Datec team in achieving their objectives. Dominic is a professional engineer and holds a Master of Business Administration. Dominic is also a Managing Partner with Trellis Capital, a venture capital firm based in Toronto. His extensive technology management and investor experience makes him uniquely qualified for his role. In his free time, Dominic is fond of travel and an avid sports team coach.