Datec Coating Awarded ASIP Funding

Datec Coating Corporation receives funding of up to $1.3 million dollars from the Automotive Supplier Innovation Program (ASIP).

Thick-film heater manufacturer Datec Coating Corporation is awarded up to $1.3 million from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Minister Navdeep Bains made the announcement during a site visit of the Canadian based Datec Coating manufacturing plant last month. The funding will be used to further enhance and improve the technology and scalability of its high-performing printed-on heating components in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Datec Coating sees the recent announcement as a plus for future job creation as it tailors its technology to meet the rigorous demands of the fast-changing automotive sector. Datec offers unique technology that fits perfectly with the requirements of tomorrow’s electric vehicles:

  • heating layers that weigh only milligrams yet produce kilowatts of heat
  • the ability to print heaters on lightweight aluminum that has superior heat transfer properties.

Datec currently produces thousands of parts per year for various applications including consumer food handling equipment, desktop circuit board prototyping machines, and medical devices. The ASIP funding will allow the company to scale its production process as it enters the hybrid and electric vehicle component market. Datec expects to ramp up to producing hundreds of thousands of parts per year for various markets by 2019.

About Datec Coating
Datec Coating Corporation is a global leader in high-performing thick film printed-on heater technology as well as other functional coatings.

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