Collaborative Engineering, Shorter Cycle Times and New Technology Drive Datec’s Growth Story in 2019

Thick-Film Aluminum Based Heaters

2019 was a watershed year for Datec Coating Corporation in terms of its commercial and engineering achievements as the company solidified its credentials as a North American leader for patented thick film heating technology.

A Banner Year

In 2019, Datec worked with clients across multiple industries, including food equipment, food delivery, medical, automotive, design, electronics, and appliances. Our drive to innovate and develop custom thermal solutions for our clients helped us achieve:

  • A record year financially
  • The single largest production order
  • Doubled production volume

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Datec Glass Heater

Engineering Achievements

As always, Datec’s team worked alongside its customers to develop application-specific, high-performance heating solutions using a methodical and collaborative approach. Our engineering achievements include:

Thermal Simulation

Advancements in thermal simulation technology:

Thermal simulation provided our clients with empirical data that helped them determine the performance and efficiency of heater design before it reached the manufacturing stage. By working with our team of engineers, clients could:

  • Simulate the thermal performance in a live environment prior to building the actual prototype
  • Predict the thermal behavior of the heater
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce or eliminate multiple prototype iterations, thereby cutting the production time for the product. For more information on Datec’s prototyping process, click here.

Improvement in the product development cycle:

Technological advancements helped us speed up the product development cycle by 25%, thereby reducing the prototype development time from 4 weeks to just 10 days. Quicker development meant that clients had access to custom high-performance thermal solutions instead of off-the-shelf products that couldn’t adequately meet their product design requirements.

While 2019 was the year for exciting milestones, the team at Datec look forward to new challenges and more innovative breakthroughs in the year to come. For more information about Datec’s thick film heaters, click here.

Future Blogs

In future articles, we’ll discuss how thick film heaters improve product performance with a rapid heat-up capability, heat efficiency, and compactness. For this and more, click here.

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