Datec: Why We’re the Best Choice for Thick Film Heaters

Datec is a world leader in the development of thick film heaters. We have had the thrill of revolutionizing thick film heating technology since 1995, using our innovative material formulations.

Serve a Wide Range of Industries

Datec offers unique thick film heating solutions through its numerous patents. We provide thick film heating solutions on various substrates such as aluminum, glass, mica, stainless steel, and hot/cold-rolled steel for many applications and industries.

The solutions we create fit perfectly with many medical lab, automotive, appliance and food equipment applications. Our custom thick film heating elements empower our customers to develop innovative, high-performance products.

Multiple Patents and Designs to Meet Customer Demands

Aluminum thick film heater

Your unique manufacturing needs are met with high-tech solutions using substrates that integrate seamlessly into your products. The major thick film heater elements that we manufacture include:

  • IntegrAl® – Aluminum substrate
  • Mica-TF® – Mica substrate
  • Glass-TF – Ceramic glass substrate
  • Stainless Steel TF – Stainless steel substrate

We collaborate with clients to create and build bespoke heaters based on their unique demands. If needed, our team can make prototypes in as little as 2-3 weeks to meet the demanding project schedule of our clients.

Our heating elements are engineered and manufactured at our facility in North America. This ensures efficient communication and short production lead times for our customers.

Benefits of Using Thick Film Heating Elements

Datec’s thick film heating elements offer numerous benefits when used in thermal applications. A few of the many advantages include:

  1. Custom heat zones on the substrate to allow targeted heating.
  2. Rapid heat up and cool down thanks to high watt density designs and low thermal mass enabling significant energy conservation opportunities
  3. Saves space as the heating element is printed directly on the substrate
  4. Precision heat controls with temperature options of up to 800 °F.
  5. Low leakage current enabled by excellent dielectric properties
  6. Uniform temperature distribution assisted by Datec’s unique block resistor technology.

If you are looking for a reliable company that provides high-quality thick film heaters, look no further than Datec. We have the experience and expertise to deliver the best possible product for your needs.

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Datec is a custom heating element manufacturer specializing in thick film heating solutions. Our solutions are ideal for industries such as: commercial food service, medical devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances.
From prototyping to joint development, learn more about how Datec can work with your team.

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