Datec and University of Manitoba Collaborate on Space Innovation with IntegrAL® Heater

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba, a collaboration that is set to revolutionize microsatellite development. This exciting venture leverages the cutting-edge IntegrAL® Thick Film Aluminum-Based Heater and opens up new possibilities in space technology.

The recently launched Iris satellite, developed by the University of Manitoba, benefited from the exceptional qualities of the IntegrAL® heater. Designed by Datec, this innovative heating solution offers a lightweight construction, minimal energy consumption, and uniform heat distribution. These features make it ideal for maintaining the satellite’s battery and electronics at the optimal temperature while in the challenging environment of outer space. The IntegrAL® heater has been precisely engineered to withstand the rigors of rocket launches and the harsh conditions of space.

Datec IntegrAl heater

Datec excels when we seize the opportunity to collaborate closely with our customers, crafting products from the ground up.

The IntegrAL® heater, powered by Datec’s advanced thick-film technology, generates fast, precise, and uniform heat, meeting the demands for performance, dependability, and energy efficiency. This collaboration with the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba showcases Datec’s ability to apply their expertise to a cutting-edge field with far-reaching positive implications.

The key technology behind the IntegrAL® heater lies in its thick-film layers, which incorporate Datec’s patented sol-gel technology. This multi-layered system, featuring a dielectric, conductor, resistor, and protective finish coat layer on an Aluminum substrate, delivers outstanding thermal performance, ensuring the satellite’s crucial components are kept at the optimal temperature.

The University of Manitoba’s Price Faculty of Engineering is widely recognized as a premier center for engineering research and education, offering a diverse range of programs across multiple engineering disciplines. With its focus on innovative research and community partnerships, the Price Faculty of Engineering is the perfect collaborator for Datec’s groundbreaking work in space technology.

For over 20 years, Datec’s dedicated research scientists and engineers have been at the forefront of developing heating solutions for a wide range of industries, including commercial food service, medical and precision devices, electronics, automotive, and appliances. With their IntegrAL® Thick Film Aluminum heater, Datec continues to lead the industry by seamlessly printing heating elements directly onto Aluminum, enabling a seamless fit into various product footprints.

Throughout the design validation and prototyping process, the Datec team employs a methodical and collaborative approach to create high-performance heating solutions tailored to specific applications. With comprehensive engineering support, thermal simulation capabilities, and rapid prototype development, the team works efficiently to help clients validate their product designs and seamlessly incorporate heating solutions into their products. The IntegrAL® Thick Film Aluminum heater stands as Datec’s most innovative product, offering unparalleled performance and versatility.

The collaboration between Datec Coating Corporation and the Price Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba represents a significant leap forward in microsatellite development. This groundbreaking collaboration marks an exciting chapter in Datec’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art heating solutions to meet the unique demands of various industries.

Stay tuned for more updates on Datec’s collaborations and cutting-edge technologies as we continue to push the boundaries of custom heating elements and redefine technological standards.