Improving Performance and Reliability for a Hot Food Display Case

Datec applied their mica-TF® heater to a leading OEM’s hot food display case to improve reliability and overall heat consistency. The thick film heating solution that Datec recommended resulted in a more uniform heated surface with improved heat transfer and reliability.

Project Overview
The client required a new heating system for their hot food display case that could keep food at the required safe holding temperature.

At the time, the client was using standard industry technology, but it was unreliable and inconsistent resulting in hot and cold spots and compromised food quality and freshness. In addition, their old system presented a manufacturing challenge due to the difficulty in assembling and wiring the multiple heating components.

The client needed a heating solution that delivered reliable, uniform heat while simplifying the manufacturing process.

Datec’s Approach
We conducted a study and analyzed the client’s existing products. By understanding their design concerns, our engineers provided options using our technology to address their challenges and ultimately improve product performance and longevity at a reduced cost.

Using our expertise in design, materials, and printing, Datec custom designed a thick film heating component for the client that would heat up quickly and evenly.

The approach was to apply Datec’s mica-TF® heating technology to the existing product design, and then bolt it underneath the stainless-steel surface. The element was mechanically mounted without the use of any adhesives, making it easy to install and easily serviceable. Because our thick film elements have a low profile, we can seamlessly incorporate our technology into the existing design without redesigning the entire product.

mica-TF heating technology

Our mica-TF® technology is comprised of resistive and conductive thick film paste that we screen-print directly on mica, resulting in an ultra-thin advanced thermal component. If you’re interested in learning more about how we manufacture our heating elements and pastes, we recently produced a video that highlights our North American, in-house manufacturing process. Developing and manufacturing our products in-house is key, as this allows us to create our own custom elements and pastes with the unique capabilities our clients need, giving them an advantage over their competition.

Our technology and approach results in uniform heat distribution, delivering even heat performance with high reliability.

The Result
We developed our mica-TF® product line to fill the need for uniform, high-performing, and customizable heating elements in the food warming and holding industry. Using our technology, we were able to help the client improve the reliability and overall heat consistency of their food holding display case.
mica-TF Product Line
The result was higher product performance and improved food quality and freshness. With an uptime of over 48 million hours, Datec’s mica-TF® heater is proving to be a reliable heating element that delivers consistent, even heat for the long-term.

If you are interested in learning more about our custom heating solutions, please contact us to speak to our engineering team or order a free mica-TF sample.

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