Helping Our First Responders

I am Anthony Crocco, Senior Production Supervisor at Datec Coating Corporation in Mississauga. We use gloves and N95 masks in our production facility. Knowing these items are in short supply for essential workers, especially in hospitals, I suggested that Datec donate some to the Brampton Civic Hospital where my family recently received incredible kindness and support upon the birth of our beautiful daughter.


Through social media, we were able to contact a nurse from Brampton Civic Hospital to coordinate the donation of 4 boxes of nitrile gloves and 1 box of N-95 masks.

N95 masks & gloves

Her appreciation and gratitude were best summed up by her comment that “these are like gold around here”. Knowing that something so little can bring such joy and reassurance to the people who need them the most is the best reward I could ask for.