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Want to see how our thick film heating technology compares to what you’re currently using?

Our patented technology can be printed directly on substrates such as aluminum, mica, glass, and steel, offering an ideal replacement for traditional aluminum foil, tubular heating, silicone rubber, Kapton, or wound-wire heaters.

We offer samples of a variety of our products, including:

IntegrAL® Thick Film Aluminum-Based Heater

Our aluminum-based heater produces fast, precise, uniform, and integrated heat to meet the demand for performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. We also offer a low-voltage option that is ideal for portable or battery-operated devices.

mica-TF® Thick Film Mica-Based Heater

Our mica-based heater is a cost-effective, lightweight solution that offers uncompromising, unparalleled performance, and provides more consistent and uniform heat than traditional wire-wound heaters.

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